Picked up some of those cool vintage looking hexagon mirrors from Ikea the other day (ten mirrors come in a pack for I believe about $10) Well, they sat on my table for a few days before doing anything with them. I got motivated to put them up yesterday, pulled them out of the package and though, ah crap what the hell am I going to do with these… I looked online a bit for inspiration and honestly found nothing, so I took all 10 of these bad boys, grabbed a beer, a level, a friend and started putting the puzzle together on the floor.
This honestly took me a lot longer then expected, you see, I don’t know if you have ever used theses mirrors before but once they are on, you basically have to bust them off your wall to take them down. It’s a permanent decision. So we finally came up with a somewhat pattern (colors and I knew I didn’t want them to end up in a flower shape) and started with the level and put our first one up. From there we just expanded with one at a time, the last 3 everyone had to participate and each hold one up and move around to placement happiness.


*They give you 4 stickers per mirror to attach to the wall, I’m thinking sweet they don’t need all 4 I’ll save 10 extra stickers to use for something else and they for sure wont fall off! Well, they give you 4 to make the mirrors level with the wall so that you get a nice fluid even reflection. now mine are all lopsided and look like a bug eye but I kind of like it

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